Tuesday, February 2, 2010

An eye for color

Courtney chose her own outfit for today. What a fun combination, huh?

Maybe subconsciously she was matching her outfit to the new doll equipment she got for her birthday (and had to bring along to Grandma's today)... mainly pink, but it had little bits of green in it!

Speaking of her birthday.... I'm sure some of you are waiting to see some party pictures. But I did it again. I took so many (98!) that it's taking a while to boil them down to a post-able amount. And with Courtney here all day today, I didn't make any progress on that. But they're coming, I promise!


Anonymous said...

It looks like mommy is busy.
She has a lot of equipment.
Does this require lots of transportation?
I got a real kick out of the desire to shovel snow. Don't let that fire die out.

Hang in there, only 6 more weeks.


Becky said...

I love her sense of style! Little Miss Independence indeed!

Grandma G said...

The "equipment" stacks together pretty well, so it's not toooo bad. And maybe it won't have to come along EVERY time??? ;)

"Only" 6 more weeks, he says. *sigh* Another 4-5 inches in the next couple days. On top of the 3 or so on Monday. If (when?) the wind comes up, we're gonna get buried!

Yep, she's "stylin'", Becky!

live a colorful life said...

Charlotte came over yesterday with a solid brown sock and another one with polka dots on white--turns out it was really Christa's sock, but Charlotte grabbed it. I highly support mismatched socks. I do it all the time and I have a finely tuned sense of style. (right...)

Grandma G said...

I thought of your socks as soon as I started reading your comment! :)