Thursday, February 25, 2010

Naptime(?) at Grandma's house

Oh, sooooo tired! Time to take a nap!

Poor little Courtney. It appears she has to nap in the bathtub!

Doesn't look like she minds it, though, does it?

This is a hot-footed little girl... she always takes her socks off when she naps.

Pretty fancy socks, too, aren't they? The beads made dents in her skin, though, if she sat cross-legged or something. She kinda worried about those little "owies" that didn't really hurt. :-)

Okay, so it's all pretend. Grandma doesn't REALLY make her take a nap in the bathtub. But it's sure a fun place to play while Grandma washes her own hair, etc. ;-)


JHRME said...

Hah! Fun! I slept in the tub on a couple occasions I think! Once when I had a new kitten and I wanted to stay in the bathroom with her. (My parents didnt trust her in the house.) It seemed so fun to me!

Becky said...

I'm simply impressed with how clean your bathtub is!!!!!

Grandma G said...

I wouldn't trust a new kitten overnight, either! :)

Bathtubs must not feel so hard when you're little. :D

You mean YOUR bathtub isn't that clean, Becky?! Eeuwww!! ;) Actually, the only one who takes a bath in it (for real) is Courtney. Grandpa and I use the shower in the basement (no, not together). And I'm not showing you that. ;)

Becky said...

Hahaha! GG! You funny! We have those awful fiberglass tubs that are hard as you know what to clean. One day we'll remodel and I will get porcelain covered iron tubs and tiled walls.

And thank you a gazillion times for not showing us a pic of you and GrandPa in the basement shower!!

live a colorful life said...

Here's a secret about Jessie: she will sleep in a hotel bathtub, for real even now, because she is a complete germaphobe and sometimes the beds gross her out. But when I think about it, wouldn't a bathtub have the potential to be even creepier? Hmmm...I probably shouldn't mention that to her. All I can say is: Luke, I hope you are prepared for this...

Grandma G said...

Yeah, let's just keep all this a little secret. Especially from Luke. I can just imagine them on their honeymoon in the bath... oh, I'd better not! lol

JHRME said...

Noooo. Because bathtubs arent porous. Bathtubs can be attacked with chemichals that would destroy bedding. No one scrubs a hotel mattress. Oh boy if I dont stop now Ill keep going.

Grandma G said...

So do you bring your own chemicals along and scrub the tub before you sleep in it? And bring your own clean bedding and pillow?

Have you reserved a room with a tub-for-2 for your honeymoon?

Do keep going..... this is very interesting. ;)