Sunday, February 28, 2010

More color on white

I took this pic just a few minutes ago. It's my oldest amaryllis... 30 years old, in fact! Gorgeous, isn't it?

It has another flower, as you can see below, but it isn't completely open yet. The stalk and buds next to it are from my third amaryllis. Won't be long before those are open, too.

Just to give you size comparison so you realize how big this flower is, I took a pic with my hand it in... below. (My hand was also there to hold the stalk up, as it wanted to lean way over.)

(Click any photo to enlarge.)

Yep, definitely brightens up a white day! Although the sun is out (second day in a row - woohoo!), so there's also some blue sky outside, thankfully!


Becky said...

30 years!!!! I have shoes that old but no beautiful bulbs!!! Wow!

JHRME said...

wow. Times 100.

grace said...

DITTO the WOWS. I received one as a gift this year and it put up 5 leaves but no flower pods. You have the touch!