Monday, March 15, 2010

It's coming!!!

SPRING!! I know it is! There are signs! Really!

Okay, so here's the current view from my sewing room window (which is in the basement, for any of you newcomers who might not know that). Yeah, still a lot of snow out there. But it's melting! At least I can see the trees now... major improvement from the snow being right up against the entire window!

And if I put my head up close to the glass and peek to the right, here's what I see:

YES!! My tulips are coming up! WOOHOO! Here's a closer look:

A peek to the left shows more tulips coming - hurray!

The green is from my dianthus plants that got covered with snow so early that they never did die off completely.

Look not much farther out, though, and you see our miniature lilac bush (which is now quite huge... not very "miniature" anymore) branches which are still weighted down by snow. I wonder if they'll be able to stand upright again when it's all gone.

Back in the house, not related to spring, but still pretty, is a rerun of the pink and white amaryllis. Yep, it had a second flower stalk. It also has a baby... an offshoot bulb. I've never had one of those before, so I'll have to do some checking to find out how and when to separate them.

You may have noticed that the pot is in rather bad shape. Not only does it have a lot of dirty scratches from being out in the ground during past summers, but it's also gotten very brittle and whenever I pick it up getting ahold of part of the brim, it breaks off. Time to repot... probably when I remove the "baby". I think I'll go for a clay pot this time.


Little Spouse on the Prairie said...

I was just getting ready to post some pictures of "signs of Spring" myself. You've got snow! I hope we're done with it! Janice Porter

Grandma G said...

Welcome to my blog, Janice! Yeah, we've got snow... literally TONS of it... and though it's been constantly melting, it'll be around for a long time yet. It's been a looooong winter, to say the least.

Becky said...

Hurray for tulips peeking through that white stuff! The "gophers" ate mine but I have daffodils popping!

Anonymous said...

Well, we did it again.
We survived another winter.
That is why we appreciate spring so much.
We are all doing a lot of extra appreciating this year.


Grandma G said...

Beware... gophers probably like daffodils, too, Becky. ;-/

Yeah, LOTS of appreciating, Dale! I just hope spring is here to STAY.