Wednesday, March 31, 2010

The view...

... out my kitchen window first, then the basement windows yesterday:

(Be sure to click to enlarge.)

And one of them insisted on pecking on my sewing room window... off and on for hours! Really hard! I'm surprised he didn't break the glass!

At least there were only 3 of them this year... 2 toms and a hen. They sort of belong to a neighbor, but they're allowed to run free, and they usually make numerous visits to our place over the warmer months.

Speaking of warm... it got up to 79° yesterday!! It's certainly making short work of those snowdrifts. Dale, methinks you'd better start picking out your photos, 'cause it surely isn't gonna last beyond April 10th!


Anonymous said...

Wow! 79 degrees.
That helps put that nasty winter in it's place.
I think the turkey has a self loathing problem just like you speculated. Are there any veterinarians in the area that specialize in turkey psychology?
There might be some good recipes for tough old birds online.

I really got a kick out of your students echoing what you say.


Grandma G said...

Turkey psychology? I'll have to ask Connie.

Yeah. All my students. :)

Anonymous said...

Well, I was right.
It is students, plural, because I'm one of them.
Was I supposed to use an apostrophe to indicate ownership?
I'll try again:
I got a kick out of your student's echoing of everything you say.

I added a preposition ( is that what the word of is ).


Becky said...

I think turkey wanted Courtney to come out and play. Or wanted to get in and play!

Grandma G said...

Ahhh... that curvy little mark makes all the difference in the world, Dale! :)

JHRME said...

Sooo I think the window pecking turkey might have been asking to join you at thanksgiving?

Grandma G said...

Probably, JHRME... just getting his reservation in early! If he keeps pecking on that window, he just might get his wish!!