Tuesday, March 23, 2010

It's spring! (Part 2)

Whodathunkit? That Courtney would still be able to go sliding on such a huge snowdrift on the first day of spring?!

Here she goes... all the way up by herself!

And here she goes down.... !!

Oops! Not quite what she had in mind, methinks. :-) But better than the first try, when the snow sorta scooted her off to the side and she ended up under the evergreen tree. ;-D Anyway, it was still tons of fun!


Becky said...

Wow! I love the "snowsuit waddle" she does up the hill. I swear I don't walk right because I was left in my snow suit too long!

And the downhill! I was sure she was gonna hit mud at the bottom!

Glad to see the snow is leaving you.

Grandma G said...

So THAT's why you walk so funny, Becky! I've always wondered.... ;)

Yeah... the mud. I was at the bottom the first couple of times to try and prevent the mud splash, but turned out she didn't quite slide that far.

You're not as glad as I am!! :)