Friday, March 26, 2010

More signs of spring

Courtney and I found some other sure signs of spring on Tuesday besides the dandelion.

Below is some sedum coming up. It looks pretty big here, but it's actually very tiny. It's the purplish red stuff, BTW. The green is clover that's crowding it out. Lots of weeds are crowding it out, unfortunately. I really need to do something about that this year. Maybe. It's a lot of work.

Here are the tulips making nice progress.

I can't even remember what these next ones are called, but they're neighbors to the tulips. Looks like there's maybe a dandelion working its way up there, too. *sigh* Where is that bottle of Roundup?

On the north side of the house we have "Snow on the Mountain". How appropriate! But at least the snow is gone off of them, and they're growing! Looks like we need to do a little rock picking, too. Good job for Courtney, huh? Heheh....

Finally, we have the day lilies bravely peeking out.

They, too, are very tiny. How tiny are they, you ask? See the next pic to find out.

Yeah, that tiny! But they're coming, that's the main thing! Hurray!


The Luedtke Family said...

Now that I am visiting in brown and chilly MN, I miss my green grass and 4-5 inch tulip/daffodil/hyacinth/iris stems!

It is amazing how IL is always 3-4 weeks ahead in the spring compared to MN!

I definitely think Courtney would be a great rock picker. You could hire my Norah, as she loves to pick up rocks and other such things. Except she usually carries around what she picks for the ENTIRE day. Not so sure the job would get done.

Grandma G said...

"Brown and chilly"... perfect description. Supposed to get into the 60's next week, though!

It'd be fun to get our rock pickers working together. ;)