Monday, March 29, 2010

Progress on the melt

Here's Courtney last Tuesday having a (final?) fling on the snow. The drifts were still hard enough that she could walk on top of them (and so could I, for the most part). She, on her own, decided to slide down this little drift behind the house a few times.

Then she tried making a snow angel, but the snow was a little too hard for that.

When she discovered the sandbox was no longer buried in snow, she wanted very much to play in it. Grandma said "no, it's too cold to play in the sandbox". Courtney didn't like that answer... notice the arms crossed, and there was a pouty look on that cute little face, too. But it didn't last long. Kitty sharpening her nonexistent claws (yeah, she used to be a housecat... apparently somebody got tired of her and dumped her and she ended up here) was a good distraction.

For those of you who participated in my little "guess the date" contest (which, BTW, is now no longer open for guesses), you may be wondering how the snow melt is progressing. I took the pics below this morning.

(Click to enlarge for a better look.)

It has melted incredibly fast! I am amazed! I'm also amazed that we haven't gotten any more snow this month, since March is usually one of the snowier months! I love those grassy areas, even if they aren't very green yet... at least they're not still white!

The upper left picture shows the snowbank you were guessing about. It's gone down a LOT, but there's still a lot of snow there. However, the predicted 60's and 70's temperatures for this week may make short work of it. If you guessed a late date, I'd get worried if I were you. ;-)

In case you wondered, 60's and 70's is NOT normal for here. I heard on the radio this morning that the normal low for this time of year is mid-20's and the normal high is mid-40's. Methinks we'd better enjoy the warmth before it gets back to normal (or below).


Anonymous said...

On the snow melt.
Oh, I like that it is in the shade much of the time.
I'm worried that my 4/10 guess was going to be impossible but your pictures are reassuring.


Grandma G said...

I'm thinking that by the end of this week, there isn't going to be much left at all. Probably a really good choice, Dale! It's 64° right now, windy, and snow's melting FAST! I just got back from town and couldn't believe how much snow has melted since my last trip in last week!