Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Apron in action

Okay, my model had to get a little silliness out of the way first. ;)

Then we had to test out the apron. Pudding seemed a quick, easy choice for the trial run. Turn up your volume and enjoy.

Courtney had gotten in a hurry to tear open the package, so it didn't pour quite like she needed it to. I had to stop the camera and help out a bit.

She took off the apron while the pudding was cooking, and I guess we forgot to put it back on! :) Anyway, it worked well, and it even saved her from getting some of the pudding powder on her shirt when she was opening the package. Just what an apron is for!

After pouring the pudding into the bowls (done by Grandma)... well, you know what we do then!

We decided some chocolate chips would be a good addition to the pudding.


Oops, not quite enough. Just a few more.....

Courtney enjoyed her pudding at snack time, and Grandpa and I ate ours for dessert for supper. Yum! And the apron tested out just fine! ;)