Thursday, October 6, 2011

Fun comes before work

After our little "picnic" last week, Courtney thought it was a good day for blowing bubbles.

She was, of course, observed by some of her numerous feline friends.

Ahh, nice one! And take note of the pretty fingernails:

"Wow, did you see that one?!"

Poor Josie could only observe from the window above. She REEEALLY wanted to come out and play with us!!

After the bubbles, Courtney reminded me that we needed to get to work. She is such an eager helper! Here she is, dead-heading:

Yep, it was a big job, but somebody had to do it! Thank you, Miss C... you lasted a looong time at that job! Too bad the mosquitoes found you before we got done.


Anonymous said...

The dead heading job looks daunting.
That would keep her occupied for a long time.
I see she had an audience for that project too. ( on the right edge of the photo.)


Grandma G said...

It DID keep her busy for a long time. Meanwhile, I was cutting off those same stems from the bottom. ;)

We are rarely able to do anything around here without an audience, and too often it's right under my feet.

The Luedtke Family said...

Seeing this told me to pack bubbles. We are off to the shores of Lake MI for a lovely weekend. We will fly a kite, walk in the sand, blow bubbles, pick up shells, and whatever else passes our fancy.

We also will enjoy an apple orchard, hopefully a fire, play games, and have a good time.

Grandma G said...

Hope you have a wonderful weekend, Becky!