Friday, October 21, 2011

Next up

Here's a peek at part of my next sewing project:

It's 3/8" double-fold bias seam tape. Five yards of it. I made it. Without the use of a bias tape maker. Not a hard job... just cut some strips of fabric on the bias and press it... but it does take a long time to press those folds in there.

The rest of the project should go pretty fast (where have you heard that before?!). I plan to finish it this weekend, if not today. Unfortunately, I won't be able to show it to you till sometime Tuesday, because I need my little assistant to help me with the photos. ;)

Any guesses as to what this seam tape will be trimming?


Live a Colorful Life said...

Um, yes. But my lips are sealed. :)

Grandma G said...

And have you started yours yet???