Saturday, October 8, 2011

What a difference a rain makes

We had a nice shower of rain early this morning. Finally. It's been weeks! The crops were actually getting too dry, and everything was beginning to look so dried up and dusty. The 40-50 mph winds we had the last few days sure didn't help any. The leaves blew off the trees before they had a chance to really get pretty.

At least the rain washed the dust off, so they look a little better.

The winds were from the south, and they sure deposited all the leaves from the trees on the south side of our driveway onto our lawn!

I don't think I've ever seen it so thickly covered.

I discovered these little guys next to our garage this morning. I guess they were appreciating the rain, too.


grace said...

EEEUW, I hate salamanders. But the little green frog is cute.

Anonymous said...

It is good to see that you've had rain. Now let us hope that it doesn't go overboard.
You have some wonderful pictures here, especially the little red berries on the asparagus.

We have not had our rain yet.
It was in the 80s again today.
I'm ready for something cooler.


Jessica Jones said...

I like your little friends.