Monday, October 3, 2011

More fall scenes

We've had no rain to speak of since July! Whodathunkit, after the deluges we had the first half of the summer! We thought it'd never stop... and I thought I'd never get done mowing lawn. It's now been almost 5 weeks since I've mowed! (Yes, hurray!!) Things have turned brown and fall-ish looking pretty fast.

The fields are ripe for harvest:

(Or for playing in.):

The above soybean field on the right, three days later:

Yeah, look at the dust in the air!

We've had some windless days (another rarity around here!), and the dust just hangs in the air, giving everything a hazy look.

Did you notice the geese flying amongst the wind turbines? Click to enlarge and see them (or any photo) a bit better if you want.

And the stupendous weather continues, with temps in the 80's on tap for this week! The air is extremely dry (which I love). And everything else is so dry that a burning ban has been issued for our county.

I'm 'almost' done with my sewing project. MUST finish it today! Hopefully you'll get to see it tomorrow, but Courtney will be here, so the post may be delayed till later in the day.


The Luedtke Family said...

You are definitely ahead in the fall process. Our grass and leaves are still green and beginning to change colors. We started to have chilly mornings, but pleasantly comfortable afternoons, with the evening chill coming after the sun disappears. I love me a good fall! It is amazing that MN is not really that far away, but enough to make a difference in the changing of seasons! Cannot wait to see your project.

I have a few to share sometime soon:
an 11/11/11/ project
a kangaroo dress and hat
a current project to make a stuffed animal kangaroo
a knitted "turtle" for Norah's Christmas dress
really need to get going on that crochet tea set for Christmas, lots of pieces.

I have a girls' weekend away later this month on a lake in WI, and will probably tackle a good portion of that project there.

I am also considering making pillow cases for nieces/nephews for Christmas.

I once was a 1 project at a time gal. I am sort of enjoying multiple projects to pick and choose, depending on where I can be in the house and if I have company present at the time!

I also need to get better, dig up carrots and celery, and finish up the garden.

Grandma G said...

Wow, Becky... you're one busy gal!