Friday, October 28, 2011


Great big puffy flakes?

Umm.... NO! Not snow, thank goodness!

Those big puffy 'things' are from here:

Yes, milkweed seeds. So pretty!

Here's what they look like packed neatly together in the pod:

They just seem to explode out and go flying everywhere on the breeze.

This next one's my favorite. Like how shiny it is in the sun?

And then an assistant showed up for the photo shoot.

His sister came, too. To give you a little size perspective, I guess. ;)

Thanks Hairry and Princess!

(Click any photo to enlarge.)


Anonymous said...

Ok! these pictures are as always beautiful and makes Milkweed look very pretty and neat. Well here is the other side, I remember as a kid walking soybeans (before Round-up)when we had to pull the Milkweed.

There is a reason it is called Milkweed, when a leaf or the stem is broken out comes this white sticky, nasty thick milky substance. It even has a bit of a smell and when it got on your hands with a little dirt it was a pain to wash off or get off your clothes.

It is amazing how such an obnoxious weed can be so photogenic and pretty in these pictures but stir such disgusting memories.

"walking beans" will definetly age and put me in a culture that many will never have the "privilege" to experience.


Grandma G said...

My apologies for stirring up such disgusting memories. ;)

Anonymous said...

Princess has very interesting black markings. Is she the cat with the funny face?


Grandma G said...

Nope. Funny Face was just black and white. 'Was'... she's no longer with us, unfortunately. She sorta got in the way of the pickup awhile back. :(((((

Anonymous said...

That's too bad, I was hoping to see her as an adult.
I've always liked milkweed pods.
We have a print on our kitchen wall that features a milkweed pod opening among other fall foliage.