Friday, October 7, 2011

Unwanted guests

We have visitors on the deck every night. It appears that they use the birdbath for washing, often leaving it quite muddy (and sometimes it ends up on the floor of the deck, or on the ground), and our living room windows for drying. This is how the windows looked a couple weeks ago. They're much worse now.

They even get on the slanted railing next to the steps and reach around to the corner window.

Yes, it's raccoons. Anybody got any remedy ideas??? (NO, I'm NOT providing towels!)


Anonymous said...

I think you should provide a better watering system for the poor things.


Grandma G said...


Auntie Kris said...

Maybe you could borrow a dog for a few nights. That might make them think twice about messin' up your windows.

Grandma G said...

Thanks for the idea, Kris, but that might be more trouble than it's worth... in many ways. ;) And the coons would be back after the dog went home, I'm afraid.

I guess for now I'm thankful that they can't reach any higher. And it'll soon be time to take the birdbath in for the winter. Not that any birds even use it now anymore. But the cats enjoy drinking out of it. ;)

grace said...

If the cats did not drink from it and the birds are gone ya could put some Golden Malrin and coke in it that would stop them almost in their tracks. There is always the live trap OR the sharp shooter son of yours. Ya could post him on the deck with his little gun and let him have fun.

Grandma G said...

The cats do complicate things, including the live trap idea. :( I think the sharp shooter idea is best! ;)