Monday, August 12, 2013

Cincinnati/Newport, Part 4

Jess and Alex's house has a lot of cool features. Here are pics of a few of them. They have stained glass... over their front window (next time hold the camera straight, Grandma G):

Here's a better look:

Over, around, and in their front door:

And on the landing of the stairs:

Gorgeous, huh?

They also have four fireplaces! One is in their parlor (or whatever they decide to call that room). I think Grandpa added that piece of artwork above it. The wording sorta fits the jumbled condition of the room at the time, I think. ;)

Here's another in the living room:

There's one in the dining room, with its pretty, original tile:

And there's one in their bedroom, which I failed to take a picture of. (I also missed the claw-foot tub in one of the bathrooms.)

Their kitchen was an add-on at some point in time. Part of one wall is bricks. Interesting. They're not sure what they'll do with it. Maybe just leave it (for the "character", y'know?) for awhile until it gets gunked up with cooking grease or whatever, and then cover it with sheetrock or something, since it's impossible to clean.

You'll have to pardon all the jumble of 'stuff'. That's just part of the reality of moving. :) But when we left there, things were gradually getting put away, and it was beginning to look more like a home instead of just a house. I look forward to seeing Jess's pics of things as they gradually get it decorated the way they want it.

P.S. On another note, we got RAIN Sat. night/Sun. morning. LOTS of rain - 3½ inches, in fact! It came straight down, no wind, no damage - hurray! You can quit dancing now, Annie Dee! Thanks a ton for all your efforts! ;)


annie dee said...

LOL. I'll be sitting for the rest of the week - I promise! Windows and fireplaces are very nice! Can't wait to see as it changes shape. Have a great week.

Grandma G said...

I would love to see the video of THAT dance! I just heard this morning that not far from here they got FIVE inches! You're good, AD! ;)

Jessica Jones said...

I like how people were decorating my house for me. Yes, Pa set that poster on the mantel. Who put the globe on top of the other fireplace?

Grandma G said...

Your pa be guilty of that one, too, I do believe. Such a decorator, he is! ;)