Monday, August 26, 2013


There was a full moon last week. Did you notice? I decided to see what kind of pics I could get with my "new" camera. It definitely did a better job than my old one, but it was still challenging to get the exposure just right. Here are some of my shots.

Too much exposure... it really was much darker out than this:

Better, but not enough exposure:

This is my best shot, although there really was no reddish haze around the moon:

Then I zoomed in farther:

Looks good, but the "face" was missing from the moon. I never could get that. I guess I need a better lens of some sort.

I didn't use my tripod. For the above pics, I held the camera on the deck railing, which stabilized it pretty well. Below are a couple of shots I took just holding it in my hands. It doesn't take much movement to make the picture "off", considering the slow shutter speed:

I'm not sure what happened with this next one, but it's interesting! Ha! I must've moved the camera before the shutter was closed:

So much for my experimenting in the moonshine. :)


annie dee said...

I tried getting a shot of the same full moon in early evening but my little old digital camera couldn't do it. I imagine it takes a tripod for sure.

Anonymous said...

Pretty cool.

It turned out great.


Grandma G said...

Full moons are just so tempting to shoot with any camera, though, aren't they? :)

Thanks, Dale!