Friday, August 23, 2013

Crop update

I had another request for current corn photos. This is what the corn here looked like on Wednesday:

Keep in mind that this is not one of our better cornfields, at least not this area of it. But it's close to our yard, so that's why I took the pictures here. It's producing nice ears, though:

But some of the corn is pretty short, to say the least. This is right next to the corn above:

Heehee... not too great, huh? It's because the ground is pretty shallow there, I think because that's where our old house got buried after we built the new one 35 years ago. With the dry conditions we had for a few weeks this summer, the corn just quit growing and started drying up. Here's another look at just how short it is:

But the recent big rain perked it up, and some of that little stuff is still producing ears!

Now if you want to see a really nice-looking crop, check out these soybeans!

The whole field is tall and beautiful!

Barring any unforeseen nasty weather tricks, we should have a bountiful crop once again!


The Luedtke Family said...

I love how the crop pictures coincide with Courtney poses.

Mark said...

Either Courtney has really grown in the last year or as you say a tough year for corn. I hear on the Ag reports about the corn but it is nice to have an update especially for the Minnesota farm boy still in me. The soybeans look great but so does your model with the new hair style. Mark

annie dee said...

I'm glad to get the crop update!! I just love Courtney's new hair style too. The corn looks especially happy.