Monday, August 19, 2013

Okay... more cats! - Part 1

You asked for it... well, a couple of you did, anyway. The rest of you are probably thinking: "Oh, no... more cats!" (That thought crosses my mind at times, too. It seems to be overflowing with cats around here.)

Several weeks ago, I showed you Mama's kittens. I've rarely seen them since. She's raised them in the wild, and believe me, they're wild! As soon as they see me coming, they disappear. I had only seen the black-and-white one once since we got back from Cincinnati.

However, on Saturday, I glanced out the window at the birdbath, and lo and behold, there was the orange-and-white one having a drink! I quickly grabbed the camera, but by the time I got it turned on and attempted to focus, the kitten had already taken off for across the driveway, following Mama. Bummer. This is the shot I got:

But later, much to my surprise, he was back! Of course I was still inside the house, or I'd have never gotten this shot. He appears to be looking right at me, but I don't think he was really seeing me or he wouldn't have stayed.

He just went about his business of playing:

He seemed to be in a very playful mood!

The above pic is how I discovered he was a tom, once I got it into the computer. ;)

He rolled around for a while, and then he went back to Mama:

There's more to the story. Come back tomorrow if you can tolerate it. (I have to stretch this out so I don't run out of photos again. ;) )


annie dee said...

That's a cute belly on that kitten!

Jessica Jones said...

I like cats posts.