Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Just funny

This is the scene I saw on the deck railing when I first got up yesterday morning:

It's Mama and her two kittens. They'd been sleeping like that! I wonder how long.

Mama saw me through the window right away. I guess she's a light sleeper. The kittens started waking up, but were still pretty lazy.

Surely there are better places than that to sleep, right?!


annie dee said...

LOL like the railing was too small. cute

Auntie Kris said...

Hasn't it been too hot for even kitties to snuggle?

Grandma G said...

Yeah, you'd think, Annie Dee, that they could've spread out a LITTLE bit at least! :)

My thought, too, Kris! It hasn't even been getting down to 70 degrees here at night lately, and with this horrible humidity? Ack! Not snuggling weather in my book! But I guess if you're a cat.......