Wednesday, September 24, 2014


There's a new member in Courtney's family! It's NOT a kitty! It's a 7-week-old puppy! Courtney just got her on Sunday. Her name is Ginger. I took Courtney home after she'd spent her after-school time here with me yesterday, so I could meet Ginger. She's a very nice little gal, but pretty wiggly and hard to photograph. :) Here are a couple of the best shots I got:

She was very happy to see Courtney when we got there.

It helped a lot to have Courtney hold her. Here's a sweet shot... just look at those faces!

Of course Courtney's kitties won't get slighted. They'll still get plenty of loving... like here with Zoey. Two sweet faces again. Izzy was there, too, but she didn't happened to get in front of the camera.

I'm sure the future will hold plenty of fun and snuggling, indoors and out (Ginger will live outdoors). And in case you wondered, Ginger is a beagle/Australian shepherd cross.


Jessica Jones said...

So cute. Now she just needs a pony!

Grandma G said...

Better run that by her daddy before you get her one! ;)