Thursday, September 18, 2014

Not a monarch

A couple weeks ago I found this little butterfly on my sedum bush. It's a Red Admiral. I think sometimes people confuse them with monarchs because of their wing color on the top side, but the wings are distinctly different underneath.

See? Not at all like a monarch (see yesterday's post).

Okay, let's see the other side of those wings.

C'mon... you can do better than that...

Better... better....

There we go! Similar in color, but actually very different in design.

This little butterfly has a long way to go, too. They winter in southern Texas.

Incidentally, my sedum has progressed a lot since then. Here's what it looked like yesterday morning:

It was just full of little ground bees.


annie dee said...

Very pretty!🐝

Grandma G said...

Thanks! 🐛