Friday, September 12, 2014

What is this flower?

Can anybody tell me what this is? It's been in my wildflower bed for several years. I was thinking it was called godetia, but a recent Google search makes me think it's not. I tried a Google image search using the photo, but that just showed me lots of pink flowers, none of which looked like this.

Here's what the plants look like:

I took a photo of an opening bud a couple days later. The bud was blurry, but that tiny little bug sure is clear! I wonder what it is!

Here's a better bud photo:

And a shot of the inside:

This is the inside after it's fully open, and with a little mist on the petal edges:

Any identifying help would be appreciated!! (Annie Dee, I'm counting on you! ;) )


annie dee said...

Try looking up photos of heirloom morning glories or other pink wild ipomea. Maybe?
They are beautiful whatever they are. Beautiful photos too!

I just saw moon flowers at the beach for the first time which are the night version of morning glories. And I learned, they are related to sweet potato!

vicky said... I think it might be Rose pink mallow

Grandma G said...

That's it, Vicky!! Thanks so much!! I do recall that mallow was listed on the seed package I'd planted out there years ago. I should've also mentioned that some of the plants had white flowers, but this pink one is all that's left right now.

Thanks for your efforts, too, Annie Dee. Now I'm going to have to check out moon flowers. :)

Happyone said...

I see you got your answer. It sure is pretty.

LiEr said...

I was going to say pink morning glory. I googled it and an image of a sharp pod morning glory came up. Looks a bit like it, but now that I see the other comment, she's probably right. We used to have only the bluish purple morning glorys back in Singapore, and this one just looked like it.

LiEr said...

Although, come to think of it, the stamen/pistil thing looks like a hibiscus.

Grandma G said...

Yes, it does look like a hibiscus! But I knew it couldn't be that.

annie dee said...

Mallow! That's it! Cool! 🌸.