Friday, November 21, 2014

Furball babies

I finally brought a camera out with me yesterday morning when I fed the cats. It was only 10° at the time, but it wasn't windy, and the sun was shining, which is the only way I get any kind of light in where the babies are. I only brought my old Kodak, mainly so I could get videos, but also because it was quicker and lighter-weight than the DSLR, so these photos aren't the greatest, but at least you can see the kittens.

Here's their beautiful home. It's an old building that had been used for hogs and then sheep... many years ago. I told you it was dilapidated! It has a door, of sorts, but it won't close because things are too warped out of shape. The kittens live in that corner on the right.

Here's their little pen. I reused all the stuff from the garage that I'd used for Rainbow's first litter last summer. I'm sure glad I saved all that!

There is styrofoam insulating their walls, and lots of straw inside the box. You can see their little door behind those two kittens. Yes, Rainbow can fit through it, too. That round thing on the right is just to prop up the wall.

This is Cottonball. Just look at how dark she's gotten!

Here's Haily... and Mia's tail:

Cottonball (looking way whiter because of the camera flash) and Mia... I love that little face!

I tried to get individual pics of them, but they didn't turn out so good. It definitely works better with an assistant. See? Ha!

I did, however, get some cute videos. They may not work on your tablet, so you'll need to get to a computer to view them. Enjoy!

LiEr's gonna die AGAIN when she sees these faces:

Cottonball is by far the most extroverted. She's always the first one out and cries the most to be picked up.

Don't worry... just because they're crying doesn't mean there's any problem. They'd cry like that even if they were in a warm house. :) They just want attention. The ones in the garage did the same thing every time I went out there last summer.

I'm so glad I have them! They just warm my heart every time I go out there. Nothing like holding 3 little adorable-faced furballs at a time! They make going out in the cold worth it. :) I sure hope they can survive the winter... the worst is yet to come, of course. But they're 5 weeks old now, and each additional day gives them a better chance.


Jessica Jones said...

Aaaaaaaaaaah! I love them! I want to put them inside my coat and squeeze them to pieces!

Mark said...

Pretty fancy digs for little kittens, even insulated. Now all you need is a heat lamp and those little kitties are ready for winter.

Grandma G said...

A heat lamp would be quite the luxury!