Friday, November 14, 2014

More names

My helpers came through... we have names for the newest babies! At first I'd thought of naming these 3 little kittens after the helpers themselves, since they were all females. That would've made them Emily, Jenna and Kate. :) But then I thought maybe it would be more fun to have the girls name the kittens themselves. They thought long and hard and finally succeeded in coming up with very cute names.

I took these photos on Nov. 3rd, since I had my regular assistant here to help me with them. Here she is, looking like a cute little leopard herself. :) 

The kittens have grown a lot since I took these pics, but it's been too COLD for getting any more recent ones lately. Just imagine them being bigger and cuter than ever. :)

This first one is Mia (she even has her initial on her forehead - ha!):

I thought sure the girls would come up with something like Mittens or Socks, considering these little white paws, but they were thinking more modern than that. Good for them! :)

This next one was going to be Zoe, but since Courtney already has a Zoey, I thought that could get confusing, so I asked for a second choice. She is now Haily!

She had a fat belly then, but it's even fatter now. Mama Rainbow is a good milker. :)

I bet you'll never guess what this little one is called:

Last, but certainly not least, we have.... are you ready for this?.... Cottonball!! :)

It makes me chuckle. I told the girls' mom that this kitten is looking more like a 'used' cottonball all the time, particularly one that was used to remove mascara or something. Ha.

Just look at her crazy coat... a light layer, a black layer, and then a light undercoat. So strange!

The kittens are doing great so far, even with the cold temperatures we're experiencing now. I have them tucked in as snugly as I can in our old empty hog barn. The trouble is, they're getting big enough (4 weeks old already) that they're wanting to get out of their box to explore. I hate to let them out, for fear they won't find their way back and get too cold. We need some warmer weather!! For many reasons!


LiEr said...

Am actually online! Whoa! Thank you so much for letting my littles name your kittens. They felt so very honored and there might or might not have been some fighting over who got to name which. Ah, well. Haily was Jenna's pick and she wanted it spelt that way, in spite of Emily telling her the more conventional spelling. Maybe she wanted it to be weather-sequence, like Snowy or Cloudy.

And I love Serendipity. It is such a pretty name!

Grandma G said...

I'm glad they liked their "job". :) We'll see what kind of weather comes next summer... maybe we'll have to change the spelling if we get a lot of haily storms. ;)

Jessica Jones said...

Excellent choices. :)