Monday, November 3, 2014

Halloween "treats"

I couldn't show you Courtney's Halloween "treat" until after the fact, because I didn't want to take a chance on ruining the surprise. I always give her something besides candy, because she gets PLENTY from trick-or-treating, plus she isn't that much of a sweet eater in the first place. So here's her "treat" for this year:

I've been getting a lot of free American Girl doll clothes patterns from Pixie Faire (former Liberty Jane Patterns), since they give away one every Friday. I have so many good intentions to sew them up, and finally I got something made.

The top was from the free pattern. The leggings were from a pattern I'd gotten somewhere else and used before. The belt was one I'd gotten on a pair of denim capris for myself, and I knew I'd never use it, so I cut it off and punched a new hole, and there it is! I forgot to take a close-up pic of it, but it's navy with tiny dark pink dots.

Then I decided to make a little pouch to "wrap" the doll clothes in. It's another Open Wide Pouch. They're pretty quick and easy... and could easily get addicting. ;)

The brown fabric is a piece that Jess brought back for me from Japan. Here's a closer picture of the cute kitties on it. The ribbon was designed by Jess, and I figured since Courtney now has 2 cats and a dog, the ribbon would work on the kitty fabric.

Yes, I remembered to put one of my lovely labels on it. That was what Courtney said she noticed first about the pouch!

So now I've made two of these. More? Maybe!

Here's my little genie trick-or-treater!

Yeah, she looks a little chubby there. :) It's because of all the layers she had to wear to keep warm. It was COLD out there, although not windy, so that helped a lot. When she came in the door, I thought she had makeup on, because her lips were so red and her cheeks so rosy, but it was all natural coloring due to the cold. She'd been out and about quite a bit before she arrived at our house.

Doesn't that look like makeup, though? And it goes perfectly with her outfit!

Here she is with all her loot!!

She's very generous, and she let me pick a few favorites for myself and Grandpa. Yum!


annie dee said...

Love the costume and that it allowed for adding the extra layers! Certainly was chilly on Halloween. I hope Miss C had lots of hot chocolate to warm up with!

Thanks for the reminder to look at Pixie Faire (Liberty Jane) on Fridays. I'd forgotten that. I have my own (knock off) AG doll now and have been enjoying making tiny outfits.

And I love that fabric and the perfect matching ribbon on the pouch!!

Keep warm!

Grandma G said...


Miss C was actually pretty hot after being in the house here awhile and had to remove a couple layers. :) Her next and final stop was her other grandparents', so she no longer needed the layers.

Yay for you on getting a doll! :) If you sign up for the PF newsletters, they'll remind you of the freebies. Plus if I remember right, you get 2 free patterns for signing up. And, if you like them on Facebook and opt to get their notifications, you get to vote (on Wed.'s) for which pattern you want to be the freebie! :)

Now if only I could see all those things you've been sewing..... ;)