Thursday, November 13, 2014


I don't think I've ever told you this little gal's name, either! Remember her? She's one of Patches' offspring born last summer. She's so beautiful, and a definite favorite of mine.

I named her Serendipity... "a joyful surprise"... because I've never had a cat with those "silver tabby" markings before.

It's a name we've used before, many years ago, when a beautiful calico cat just showed up here one day... another joyful surprise.

I call her Sere (pronounced like Sarah) for short.

She's pretty photogenic. And look at those stripes!

And that belly - ha!

She's pretty tame, too. I can pick her up (as long as she's at the food bowl) and she doesn't object. Nice, compared to the first time I picked her up and she chomped at my (gloved, thank goodness) finger. :)

I'm still waiting for names for Rainbow's now-4-week-old babies. The girls naming them thought they were done, but one of their choices happened to be already taken, so they're working on coming up with another one. :)


annie dee said...

A beauty! The tabbies are my favorite. Meow!

Happyone said...

She is a pretty little thing and looks like she enjoys her days. : )

Grandma G said...

She DID enjoy her days until it got so darn cold! Now she spends the day in the machine shed, snuggling with the other kittens for warmth. Poor kitties!