Friday, November 7, 2014

Turkeys - *sigh*

Are you sick of seeing the turkeys yet? I sure am. They're here nearly every day now, all over the place. And unfortunately they've added a member to their flock. I counted 19 the other day instead of the usual 18. Ugh.

One morning I saw them fly up into our maple tree... just for fun, I guess.

As I got closer with the camera, they decided it was time to leave.

This next one's a "screen shot"... taken through the kitchen window screen. But I just wanted to show you that the kittens aren't afraid of them. She meandered in with them for quite a while.

They play a little rough, though. One of them pounced on a different kitten! The turkey looked like it was just playing. The kitten ran off, but must not have been too traumatized, because it was soon back, and it was not hurt at all.

They appear outside my sewing room window frequently, too. 

Sometimes they look inside.

There's one that's really stupid, though. If I go outside to chase them away, it tries and tries to get THROUGH the window.

They like the deck, too. Especially the birdbath. I've since had to take it down, because they kept standing on the edge and tipping it over. Grrr.

This one reminds me of a vulture, the way it's standing there.

And then it took off.

I wish they'd all take off... AND NOT COME BACK!!!!


annie dee said...

Does look vulture-ish. Scary! Don't they know they belong in the oven at a slow long roast!?

Grandma G said...

'They' might not know it, but 'I' sure do!

Mark said...

Solution to your turkey problem, have a turkey shoot and thanksgiving for you and 18 of your friends. Not sure if this is legal or are they a protected species but it sounds good.

Grandma G said...

Ha! That'd be the day they didn't show up.

Actually, I haven't seen 'em since I took the birdbath down. (Shhhhh.....!)