Thursday, January 8, 2015


What combo(s) do YOU like???

(I'd like faster internet, please. This little dab took FOREVER.)


annie dee said...

Need another cup of coffee before I decided. Both will work. Leaning towards the set with the red zip. I really like that fabric.

Grandma G said...

I only need one zipper! :) At least this time around. May need more later.

annie dee said...

Oh. Even harder choice. May need to start a coffee plantation. ☕

RevAnne said...

I like the red zipper with either fabric (love red) I think all your zippers would be fun with the brown and almost all with the blue, but my favorite combos are brown with the long teal or the sort of golden zips and blue with white or the bright yellow.
(Hi! Delurking...I followed you over here when Jessica's blog ended. I'm teaching myself to sew gradually. Thanks for sharing your skills!)

Anonymous said...

I vote the turquoise blue, or actually any of the blueish ones in 2nd photo down.


Grandma G said...

Coffee helps, AD! 👍

Hi, RevAnne! I recognize your name from the HAO comments. Glad you're here! And I like your taste. :) Have fun learning to sew... holler if you have any questions!

I always favor the blues, Kristin! :)

LiEr said...

Funny! I just put together (but needs binding) a wallet in exactly those two fabrics! But my zippers were all black.

As for your choices, I'd say it depends on what it's going to be, and how much contrast you want. My favorite picks are the navy fabric with the yolk-yellow or aqua zipper, and the brown fabric with the lemon yellow (second zipper from top in second photo).