Tuesday, January 13, 2015


A followup to yesterday's post. The kittens followed Mama Rainbow up to the hole. Follow up. Get it? Ha.ha.ha.

This morning I brought the camera (+ zoom lens) out with me. After I stepped out the door, I thought it was probably a wasted effort, since it was about 0° with a south breeze making the wind chill about -20°. The 'hole' faces south. I really didn't expect to see any kittens in the hole.

BUT... Haily was there! Realizing how cold it was facing the wind, though, she quickly left before I could get the camera out of my jacket. BUT... then Mia popped into the window... and stayed just long enough for this:

That's kind of a grumpy look on her face, isn't it? I don't blame her... it was COLD! She quickly left, too, after just enough time for the shot above.

And nobody reappeared, which was fine with me, because my fingers were about frozen by then.

Gee, I thought for a minute this morning that our internet connection was fixed. Everything seemed to move along quite quickly... till I came here to do this post. Then it was back to the snail's pace. Ugh. But maybe they're working on it? Maybe there's hope???


Jessica Jones said...

I like this series of framed kitties!

Jessica Jones said...

Now I'm leaving another comment just because I want to do that Catcha again.

Grandma G said...

Thanks, Jess!

Now I'm leaving a comment to see what "Catcha" you're talking about.?.

Grandma G said...

Well, THAT wasn't very fun... all I had to do was check the box. No cute animals or even any numbers this time. Boo. Trying again.....

Nope, not this time, either. I hope others will comment and see if they got what you got!

annie dee said...

The captcha has been a check box for a while- not sure how long - maybe a month? 6 weeks? Or more
Brave of the kittens to attempt any kind of adventure. I can imagine they are whining to mom about how bored they are and they want out. And Rainbow is saying "so GO!". Moms are good at sneaky teaching lessons.

Grandma G said...

Annie Dee... Jess's Captcha was a bunch of pictures of dogs and cats. She had to pick all the dogs! Fun, huh? She even sent me a screen "captcha" to prove it. :)

Rainbow's probably getting pretty tired of raising babies by now. But they do help keep her warm at night!