Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Ups and downs

It was a much nicer morning today, and the follow up repeated....

.... and then it started down!

Look at this next shot... Haily hanging on by that last toe! :)

"Oh, those kids!!"

Cottonball was the last one out. Can you see her below?

How about now?

She needed a demo on climbing fences:

But she was a quick learner!

Some snow's hard....

.... and some not so much!

But they sure had a blast! They were back inside eating when I left, but I bet that didn't last long!

I thought these pics would take forever to upload... so I started them and was prepared to walk away and do something else. But they zoomed right through! Can our lousy connection actually be fixed?!?! I doubt it. It's been ups and downs with that all morning again, too. I probably just got really lucky for a change. We'll see......


Jessica Jones said...

Fun! Looks like a max of two can fit in the window at once. If they sit on top of each other.

Grandma G said...

Ha! You got it! :)

Alas... my internet connection is NOT fixed. It's nearly dead now. How I ever managed to luck out uploading all those pics is pretty amazing!