Friday, January 23, 2015

More decisions

This is what I was staring at yesterday, trying to decide what combinations to go with. The colors aren't very accurate... the solid is more pink than it looks here, for example... but you get the idea. Such fun possibilities!

The GOOD NEWS is... my internet connection is finally back to normal! HURRAY!! It turns out that it (at least recently) was not the fault of our Internet Service Provider. My computer had a rootkit (google it) infection - aargh. It was using up our bandwidth so much sending data to/from my computer that it nearly ground things to a halt. Thanks to my sister who is a computer tech and recognized the symptoms that I emailed her about, I was able to download (albeit very slooowly) a removal tool and got rid of the rootkit. WHEW! Then I had to clean up my computer. Believe it or not, the rootkit had put 55 GB (yes, gigabytes!) of TEMP files on my computer. Yikes! But, all is cleaned up and well now, and things are back to normal. What.A.Relief!!

So that's what I've spent considerable time on this week, as well as having everything go so slowly online before it got fixed, and I'm running behind on everything else. Must get to sewing on that pretty stuff above!


Jessica Jones said...

Wow, any of those zippers would work. You have quite a selection!

Grandma G said...

Yep... tough decisions! :)

LiEr said...

Green. Or the palest pink. Or blue. Or the other two pinks. Clearly I'm having trouble choosing, too.

And hurrah for your internet finally working for you! And you didn't even have to call in the Geek Squad or whoever to fix it for you!


Grandma G said...

You're a big help, LiEr! ;)

Yeah, I'm lucky I have my own private geek to email. :)