Monday, January 5, 2015

Crafting with Courtney (sort of)

Courtney was here for the whole day last Monday, since there was no school because of Christmas vacation. She brought along Cecile, the new American Girl doll that she got for a gift. That's her in the center below, in between my Kit (left) and Courtney's Marie Grace.

Cecile is Marie Grace's friend in the American Girl stories, so of course they needed to be together. :) Look at the hair this doll has! Let's hope it doesn't get messed up!

Courtney also got Argos, Marie Grace's dog:

And Olaf... who is not an AG item, but a Frozen one. :)

Aside: Annabelle watches from above:

Courtney thought we should do an American Girl craft that day... so we did a Google image search, and she picked one she liked. It also happened to be a very quick craft. Here's what we ended up with, little clipboards for each of her dolls:

Since the cardboard base was pretty stiff, I ended up cutting it. Then I used the paper cutter to get the little sheets evenly sized (and to cut them quickly). I think I was even the one who put on the binder clips. Hmm... crafting 'with' Courtney? Ha! Well, she watched... a little. And she wrote the names on them. :)

Anyway, here are Courtney and the happy recipients of the little crafts:


Auntie Kris said...

Cute! I can foresee several of these little clip boards being created in our house.

Grandma G said...

Have fun, Kris! :)

annie dee said...

I love Cecile's hair! I can't imagine it will stay like that though. Anyone would have an issue keeping it neat. The clip board craft is a great idea!! They came out cute.

Grandma G said...

Thanks, Annie Dee. Maybe Cecile needs a hair net, eh? ;)

LiEr said...

Hee hee! "Sewing with" a couple of my kids looks a lot like crafting with Courtney, too! Mostly I stitch and baste, and they floor the pedal and glue on eyes at the end! I love those mini clipboards - I should let Kate see them, and then she can make some for Bunny.