Monday, January 12, 2015

The hole to freedom

Last Friday when I took the sun dogs photo, I happened to notice this:

Want a closer look?

This is how Rainbow gets in and out of the old hog barn where she and her babies live. The holes are where fans used to be. I guess she was debating whether or not it was worth  going out in the cold. Or maybe she was just soaking up a little sunshine. Or wishing for spring.

I've wondered how long it would be before the little ones could get up to that hole. Grandpa asked just the other day, too, if they'd made it up there yet. I didn't think they had.

Well, they have now! This morning when I went down to feed them, there were two little faces watching me from that hole! Ha! Too bad I didn't have the camera... they were so cute perched up there. I don't know if they've hopped down to the ground yet, but I doubt it. I looked out from the inside to see if they'd be able to get back in if they did venture to the ground. I'm quite sure they can. That siding is pretty rough and would be easy for little claws to catch in. Thank goodness. I'd sure hate to have them get out and not be able to get back in again, especially in this cold. It's not supposed to get much above zero again today (after a brief respite of 20°+ over the weekend), so if they do hop down, they won't be going far. I'm sure with the warmup later in the week, though, the temptation to explore will get the best of them. I hope they don't get lost!

P.S. No, our internet connection still isn't fixed. Grrr!

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