Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Quick Christmas sewing

I noticed when at Jess and Alex's house over Thanksgiving that they had to walk with dripping hands about 6 feet(?), from their sink to where their hand towels hung on their stove handle, to dry their hands, because there was no good place to hang a towel near the sink. That would never do. So as part of their stocking stuffers, I whipped up a hand towel for each of them that they could hang from a drawer handle. I did this the afternoon before Christmas Eve, which was the day before they got mailed with some other stuff. Nothing like waiting till the last minute, huh? (But I was kind of busy with other things!) 

The photos were also taken quickly, and the colors are WAY off, especially on the one above. The red is really a deep red-orange, kind of a cross between these first 2 pics. The fabrics are the same, believe it or not!

(Yes, it's crooked. That really bugs me!)

I used a tutorial I found here, mainly to get the template for the top, since I didn't have time to make one up myself. I didn't cut the towels in half, like the tutorial said, because they weren't that thick, so I just folded them in half and tucked the center folded area into the hanger part. The towels are microfiber, so hopefully they'll hold a lot of moisture, even though they're not very thick.

The colors in the photo below are more accurate. Weird how the camera does that, isn't it?

The package arrived right on time, too, and it was waiting for J&A when they arrived home from Virginia where they spent Christmas visiting Alex's sister and family.

Our internet connection is still agonizingly slow at times, so blog posts may be hit and miss until it gets fixed. Uploading photos just doesn't work well. So if I don't show up here... hopefully I'll be sewing! I have a new project started - yay!

Courtney was here yesterday. School let out at 12:45, just as our Winter Storm was starting. We got several inches of new snow that (as of this writing Mon. night) was just waiting for the wind to come up, which it was forecast to do. And the temperature is supposed to plunge down to minus 15° tonight and a high of minus 7° on Wednesday. Ugh! It still works for sewing, though! ;)

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LiEr said...

We suffered the minus temps, too :( And I had all three girls home from school with me. We had fun, but I was ready for them to be back at school the next day.

I need some of those non-fall-off-the-bars towels, too. I have a few, mostly crochet-topped, but these sewn ones look very cool and easy to whip up. After I'm done procrastinating on my other projects, I mean.