Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Crafting with Courtney

I didn't get around to showing you last week's craft project. It was, in fact, a 2-week process which had been begun the week before. I only got photos of it finished, so here it is:

We borrowed heavily from this pattern (thanks, Larissa!), because I'd gone to her blog looking for a tutorial, and Courtney spied the bunnies and decided THAT's what she wanted to make.

She had another clever idea, though, and that was to have the blankie attached. So this bunny has a blankie sewn to its back and will always have it handy, and here he/she(?) is (in a slightly blurry photo), all snuggled in:

Monday when she came, Courtney said she'd already gotten another idea for a stuffed animal, this time a cat. She drew out her plans:

Then I had her draw the cat in the actual size she wanted...

... so I could cut it out of the pink fleece.

Here are all the pieces, ready to be sewn together:

And here's our finished cat! The front:

And the back:

Have you figured out the rectangles yet? They're a "backpack", but also function as pockets... so one big pocket in blue, and 4 little pink pockets.

Just so you'll know how big (er... 'little') those pockets are, here's Courtney to show you her new softie cat.

I wonder what kind of idea she'll come up with for next week! This girl's got a designing brain! Musta got it from that Auntie Jess! :)


Jessica Jones said...

Awesome. That cut-out cat drawing really made me smile! I love that this thing is made from pink fleece. Or fleace. Whatever.

Larissa Holland said...

I'm honored to have inspired the bunny softie, and must admit that attaching the blankie is a pretty smart idea. Why didn't I think of that? The cat pattern is adorable. She's got a really creative mind and a fabulous Grandma. :-)

Grandma G said...

Thank you, ladies! I'll make sure Courtney gets to read what you wrote. :)