Thursday, March 19, 2015

So elusive

We have bluejays that come to our back yard probably every day. They sure are hard to get photos of, though. They like to stay in the shadows and amongst the branches, plus they seldom sit still long enough to even focus the camera.

They seem to have a sort of routine... they start on the ground at the west end of the evergreen trees, and from there they hop and fly from tree to tree, heading east, till they're past the house. I saw them coming a few days ago, so I quickly got the camera ready, took the screen off the window and waited. I got a few shots, but certainly nothing like I'd hoped for. Here ya go.....


Geneviève Thiffault said...

They are so beautiful and their blue shade is magnificient... but their singing, well not so much haha. Love them in my yard in the afternoon, but clearly not at 6 am!

(I'm not so sure about the term singing when talking about a bird, but that's all google translate would give me -_-)

Grandma G said...

Singing works for most birds... but maybe not so much for bluejays. :) Squawking might be more appropriate. LOL