Friday, March 13, 2015

My babies are growing up

The main reason I had the camera out last Saturday morning was to get new pictures of Rainbow's kittens. It was finally warm enough to not freeze my fingers, and it was a cloudy-bright day, perfect for photos.

Here's Cottonball:

They're almost as big as their mama now!

This is Mia:

Such gorgeous markings she has! But I'm going to have to study them carefully in order to tell her apart from Serendipity, because they look an awful lot alike!

And last but certainly not least, as she's the heaviest of the three, is Haily:

She was trying to tell me something there... "Enough photos already!!"...

... because their food pan was EMPTY!

So I made them happy. :)

Aren't they wonderful? Especially for fall-born kittens that I never thought would survive the winter!


Jessica Jones said...

Wow, Mia's back is interesting!

Grandma G said...

Yup, and quite distinct from Sere's, thank goodness. Sere, BTW, has been AWOL for a couple of days now. I'm worried. :(

Lier said...

We just looked at your kitty photos! They are gorgeous and the girls oohed and aaahed. Yes, they did well against the odds, didn't they? So glad. And Mia's back is indeed striking. So lovely!

Anonymous said...

They are all lovely and I hope they survive the spring. It is a tough life out there. I can't wait to see new kittens!Bonnie

annie dee said...

They are really beautiful kittens. Glad we are getting an update.

Mia's tabby markings on her face are almost perfectly symmetric. The white on Serendipity's face by her nose isn't. If that helps.

Grandma G said...

Wow, Annie Dee... you're very observant! And right! Now if only Sere were here to compare in real life. Either she's hiding out from the tom cats who've been ever-present lately, or something got her.

I'm sure you'll be seeing new kitten pics before too long, Bonnie. ;) If the toms don't get 'em, that is. Yes, it IS a tough life out there. :(

LiEr... Glad your girls got to see more pics of 'their' kitties. :)