Thursday, May 28, 2015

A visitor in the garden

I walked out to check on the garden a couple mornings ago, and a slight movement caught my eye. I saw what it was, and then went to the house for the camera. When I got back to the garden, this is how I found it.

It had its head tucked under its wing and was napping!

I accidentally made a noise and it woke up.

It was a chipping sparrow.

The morning was cool and misty, and the little birdie was quite puffed up against the chill.

It looked like an adult bird, but it apparently couldn't fly for some reason.

It was just lucky that no cats had followed me out there!


Jenny said...

That's is definitely one puffy bird!

Jessica Jones said...

So fluffy and cute!

Geneviève Thiffault said...

So cute! Even in the awake pictures, it looks half asleep!

Grandma G said...

Unfortunately, the next time I saw it, it was still in the garden, but dead. I don't know what happened to it... it didn't appear to have been chewed on by a cat. Hmm... it just occurred to me... I wonder if it had the avian flu! It was seriously deflated... a very tiny bird when not all puffed up.

Geneviève Thiffault said...

Well, something similar happened at work last fall. A bird hit our window while flying and afterwards he was really sleepy, couldn't fly and looked all fluffy like this sparrow. It lasted many hours.. Let's hope it's some kind of shock instead of the avian flu.

Grandma G said...

That sounds like a more likely possibility, Geneviève. It was quite a ways from a window, though. But maybe it could've hopped over there if it couldn't fly.