Sunday, May 17, 2015

Sunday bonus post!

I have so many photos to show you that I thought I'd quick do an extra post today, especially since at least one of you is waiting to see baby pics. ;) So here you are!

I'm not sure exactly when they were born, but possibly during the night before I took these photos on Friday.

Look at the hair on the neck of the calico. Looks to me like she could turn into another Autumn furball!

These littles belong to Rainbow, and here she is, munching hungrily. She's been a busy mama, with this being her 3rd litter in just over a year. Whew!

She had the babies in the same little enclosure I'd made for her October litter in the old hog barn. They look quite content. I'll keep you updated.... :)


Jenny said...

Oh my goodness- the cuteness! The little white and orange/tan one is my favorite already!


Geneviève Thiffault said...

Awww! So much cuteness in one post!

When I saw the calico kitten, I immediatly thought that Autumn 2.0 was on its way :)

Oh, and there are so many white ones, I hope their fur will change a little, because we will always mix them up!

Grandma G said...

You may come get that one in about 8 weeks, Jenny. ;)

Yeah, those white ones could be an identity problem, indeed!

Jessica Jones said...

I'm curious to see if the white ones change.

Grandma G said...

They don't seem to have any smudges of color that might indicate that, but it's early yet. We'll see....