Monday, May 11, 2015


Do you know what's an edible mushroom and what isn't? I don't. But we often get clumps of them at the base of our hackberry tree, for some reason. Here's our first clump of the year:

Haily graciously offered to give you some size reference:

A little closer look:

And a couple of VERY close looks (via the Easy-Macro lens, of course):

Unfortunately, I didn't think to get the iPad camera out there until the next day, and they were already starting to dry up and lose their color, but they made for cool shots, anyway.

Soooo.... would YOU eat them?

This promises to be a VERY busy week for me, so the blog may get neglected some. I have a bunch of random photos, though, and may just post one a day or something, depending on how much time I have. But if I disappear entirely, don't worry... I'll be back!


Jenny said...

I wouldn't eat it, but then I try to avoid mushrooms in general. I pretty much just make an exception for Cream of Mushroom soup in my Cheesy Potatoes recipe.

I do like the photos though! I've never seen a clump quite like that. I can imagine a whole village of fairies or something living under there.

Grandma G said...

I avoid eating mushrooms, too... unless they're chopped up small and mixed in with something else... as in 'I can't tell they're there'. ;)

I like the idea of fairies living in there! Their house collapsed, though. ;( Maybe they'll build another.....

Geneviève Thiffault said...

Aww! Thanks Haily :P

I eat mushrooms without much problem, but I always wondered... who thought first it was a good idea to eat those not-so-appetizing-weird-looking things?!

Grandma G said...

Good question! Must've been someone who was starving and that's all they could find! 😛

annie dee said...

Mushrooms are delicious, people! Just bought some baby belas today. I wouldn't eat wild mushrooms though. I'm too chicken.

Grandma G said...

To each his/her own, I guess. I don't like the taste OR the rubbery texture. Euw! :)