Friday, May 8, 2015

Camera setting differences

I thought I'd show you an example of what happens when I don't check my camera settings before taking a shot. Sometimes when I take photos in the house, I have to set it to let in more light, for obvious reasons, and I try to remember to set it back to something a little more normal afterwards in case I need to grab it for a for a quick shot elsewhere.

Sometimes I forget.

This first picture is an example of one of those times. It has way too much light, although it appears Blogger tried to adjust it for me (thanks, Blogger - NOT!), because my original really looked worse than this:

A bit of adjustment... still too much light:

Oops! A bit too dark:

There... this is about right:

Just for fun, let's zoom in to the pretty new growth for the contrast with the evergreen trees in the background:

There's always something new to learn or experiment with. That reminds me, I still haven't started that Advanced DSLR class I bought over a year ago! Good thing it never expires!


Jenny said...

DSLR cameras both intrigue and intimidate me. I don't own one (all of my picture taking these days is done with my iphone) but have snapped a few shots with my brother's on occasion. Unfortunately, he moved to Massachusetts a few years ago, so not much chance to play with it now.

It is interesting to see the variation you can get in a picture just by adjusting the settings. I think I would be afraid to change any settings for fear of messing them up and then not being able to get them right again.


Geneviève Thiffault said...

I feel like taking pictures is both an art AND a technical achievement. I guess classes are certainly a good investment when you have a good camera!

Grandma G said...

I was definitely intimidated at first, too! But I got a good deal on my first camera so couldn't resist trying one. The first class I took was for sure a great investment (got a great deal on that, too!). No sense in having a DSLR if you don't know how to use anything but the 'Auto' setting, and it's really not something you can learn very well on your own. I definitely recommend classes!

annie dee said...

I'm in that learning phase too. Just got a hand me down camera (not as fancy as yours) and need to figure it out. I'm getting better but it's a slow process. Mostly I take photos of my flowers and the "critters." Both are either full of patience or captive subjects. ;0

Grandma G said...

Those are great subjects! Keep practicing... and take a class if you can. And show me your pics someday.... ahem. ;)