Friday, May 29, 2015

Newport leftovers

This will be my final Newport post. It's a few somewhat unusual photos that didn't fit anywhere else.

The first picture is unusual just in that it doesn't get to happen very often. :)

Here we have a fake (I think) owl, presumably put there to keep other birds (the multitudinous starlings, perhaps?) or maybe bats(?) away. I wonder if it works.

What is this horse-head thing - a hitching post? Or just a good place to plant a vine?

Watertower Square. Okaaaay. I guess it's office space.

Then there was this lovely tree with the pink and brown leaves!

Sooo pretty, right? Some Google searching finally informed me that it's a Tri-Color Beech tree. Have you ever seen one before? I hadn't. I love it!

This 'thing' below is some kind of evergreen plant that's been trained to twist around itself. Or something. We saw a couple different ones of these. I didn't take the time to search for what it might be.

Now below is a really strange sight. It left us confused.

Take a closer look:

Yeah, it's wires. Why???

One final photo. It's one I didn't take. I found it in my camera. Hmm...


Jenny said...

I have one of those weird evergreens that is trained to grow in an unnatural shape at the corner of my house by the garage! I think it is ugly, but it came with the house and I haven't bothered to find something else to take it's place. Our is much larger (probably 3.5 feet tall and at least as wide) and is essentially a tree folded in half to make an upside down U. It was held that way with zip ties! We haven't done anything special with it in the 5 years we've owned it, so it doesn't look quite as well trained as it did when we moved in.


Grandma G said...

That's interesting, Jenny! I'd never seen one before.

Geneviève Thiffault said...

I think that that evergreen is kinda weird too. But not as much as that big bunch of wires : you are not the only one that was left confused!

For the fake owl, we had some at school when I was in high school. It didn't kept all the birds away, but the janitor said there was even more pigeons before.

Funny "gift" from Jess :) It must have been a nice surprise, especially if you were back home when you found it.

Grandma G said...

Actually, I found the photo soon after it was taken. When I went to use the camera, I could tell something wasn't how I'd left it, and I became immediately suspicious! ;)

Caroline Bedard said...

I do think Courtney looks a bit like Jess. I thought so before, but her surprise selfie may emphasize the resemblance (youthful enthusiasm there).

Grandma G said...

Hmm... that's interesting, Caroline! :)