Monday, June 22, 2015

And the names are.....

Courtney was here last Wednesday, and we selected the names for Rainbow's babies. Big thanks to all of you who suggested names... it made our job so much easier!

First off is our little calico girl... who is now Cinnamon! (Courtney's tongue tends to get tangled around the pronunciation, so maybe she'll revert to Cannelle. Ha!)

The little snowy-white girl is.... Snowy! :)

Her almost-twin brother who's been dipped in gray became Smoke.

And our last little girl, whose name I think is Courtney's favorite, is Clementine!

This is a bonus shot of Cinnamon. Courtney liked the leg wave. :)

It was fun choosing from all the GREAT names! And it's a good thing there are lots of names left over, because Patches' kittens were discovered, and I was lucky enough to get a good photo shoot with them. Here they are, healthy and beautiful:

There are four (that orange tail on the right goes with the orange head you can see), and they're a week older than Rainbow's. One is a calico like Cinnamon, the two gray ones are also calicos but with distinct differences from each other (one very dark gray and the other very striped), and the last one is mostly orange. These babies are very wild, but Patches was kind enough to call them out for me one day so I could take pictures without them even realizing I was something to fear. I haven't seen them since, but I haven't tried too hard, either, because I just haven't had time.

Speaking of time, I'm still not done with the Menagerie testing. Every time I think I'm going to have a block of time to get a lot done on it, about 5 other things jump out at me and need doing. So I've been "making hay while the sun shines" with the mowing, weeding, etc. But I'll keep plugging away. Soon it'll be ready. It has to be... LiEr posted a few days ago that it should be ready in a week or two. There's my incentive! ;)


annie dee said...

Great names! Cute kittens too.

Jessica Jones said...


Jenny said...

Yay Kittens! Glad to see Clementine made the final cut. Of course, I love the little orange face in Patches' litter too. The first cat we had when I was kid was orange (his name was Albert), maybe that's why I like the orange ones so much?


Grandma G said...

Thanks! Jenny, I'll bet that's why. :) Or else you're just an orange fanatic like the previous commenter. ;)

Geneviève Thiffault said...

I think you managed to pick names for the kittens from most of the people who proposed some, which is really fun. Clementine is indeed a really cute name, it fits that kitty very well.

And I'm happy for Cinnamon/Cannelle, I love her cute face <3 (which seems to be the same type as Patches' kittens!)

Grandma G said...

Actually, Patches is Cinnamon's grandma. So I think that makes the Cinnamon a niece of the other little calico!? LOL It gets complicated around here!!

Grace said...

Cute little kittens, But Adorable an grandaughter we share with the big beautiful eyes.

Anonymous said...

What cute kittens . But that is an adorable grandaughter we share, with the big beautiful eyes. Grace