Monday, June 8, 2015

Easy Macro shots, Part 1

I've taken so many Easy Macro shots with my iPad lately. It's kind of addicting! If you follow me on Instagram, you've seen all these photos, but for those of you who aren't on IG, I wanted to post some here so you can see them, too.

I haven't found a way to easily transfer photos between my iPad and my computer (which is where I have to write my blog posts from). So I either email them to myself or copy them from my Instagram page. Either way is kind of a pain. I suppose I should check out storing photos in "The Cloud" so I can grab them from either device, but I'm not sure how that works... or if I really want to do that. Meanwhile, I'll do it this way... and probably get myself all confused as to what photos are where and which ones I've copied and/or whatever. Ack.

Enough of that confusion! Here are some very close-up pics.....

A clover bloom:

Part of a maple seed next to a screw for size comparison:

Thanks to the overabundance of those same seeds, there are maple seedlings sprouting everywhere. Here's a very tiny one, maybe an inch high, in my moss roses bed:

In the same bed, moss rose seedlings, about an eighth of an inch tall:

This is part of a leaf on an oriental poppy plant:

From the same plant, raindrops on a flower petal:

Can you see why I get addicted to taking these photos?!

More tomorrow.....


Jenny said...

Such fun pictures! I especially like the clover flower and the flower petal. The detail in that petal is beautiful!

As for storing your photos "in the cloud" (if you decide you want to go that route), if you turn on iCloud Photo Library (find it in Settings, Photos and Camera) and then download the iCloud software on your computer ( scroll all the way to the bottom and choose the correct option- I don't know if you have a mac or a pc) you can set it so that all of your photos automatically download to your computer every time your ipad is plugged in and connected to wifi. It's pretty convenient, although I have found that they don't always show up on my computer right away, so if you want instant gratification, this might not quite do it. :)


Grandma G said...

Wow, thanks for the info., Jenny! I'll have to consider that. I have so many photos, though, that I fear that first upload will take forever. :( And some are from my first iPad that I saved off my blog because that iPad had no camera and I saved them for showing to friends. I'd like to keep them on here but sure don't need another copy of them on my PC. I don't suppose there's "selective" uploading?

I had another question last night but don't remember it now. I'll be checking ino this more, though! Thanks again!

Jenny said...

It would just upload what it could when it was plugged in. My photos from my phone upload at night when I put it on my docking station. I would think overnight would be plenty of time, even if you had a few thousand photos. The device doesn't need to be turned on, just plugged in and connected to wifi. You could always delete any photos that you don't want to keep off of your computer later. Every now and then I have to go in and delete random pictures my kids take in various apps that save to the camera roll.

Glad I could help! (I am a teacher with a masters degree in educational technology, so I kind of can't help myself when someone says they aren't sure how to do something tech related that I could help them with!)


Grandma G said...

Awesome, Jenny! I expect I'll give the Cloud a try. I had been thinking about the overnight thing. And so nice to know there's somebody I can ask for help. Feel free to dispense your knowledge on me anytime. ;)

Grandma G said...

Well, Jenny... I've set things up. But after 2 nights of uploading plus some shorter daytime sessions, it's only managed a couple hundred photos. Maybe it's our ISP that's too slow? So far nothing's shown up in my PC iCloud library, but I didn't get it installed till this morning.

I don't have to turn on "Photo Stream", do I? If I understand that right, it sends photos both ways, right? I don't want all the pics from my PC going to my iPad!

If you want to continue this via email, please use the link on my right sidebar. It'd probably be easier.