Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Big bird & little bird

I happened to glance out the window one evening and saw a huge bird flying up into a tree across our driveway. Can you see it... center of photo about 2/3 of the way up?

That was just so you know how high it was. Let's zoom in...

Yep, a turkey... waaaay up there!

It appeared to be settling in for a night of roosting.

By the time the sun was going down, it had gotten all comfy.

Crazy bird. But only ONE - yay!!!

Here's a little bird visiting my birdbath.

It's an eastern bluebird. If I'm lucky, I get about a single glimpse of one a year. I did see the front of it, but in the few seconds that it took me to grab and aim the camera, it had turned around, and this was the only shot I got before it flew off. I haven't see it since and probably won't again this year. I think they only pass through here.

On the other hand, my blue grosbeak has been back, for the third year in a row! It must nest around here every year now, as I saw it several times last summer. I didn't get a new photo from this latest sighting, but maybe I can get one later. He's such a pretty bird, and I love every glimpse I get of him. His mate, not so much... she's pretty blah-looking. ;)


annie dee said...

Found this about turkeys - "At night they roost in trees, especially oaks and pines. Sometimes they roost over water for extra protection from predators." I don't think I ever considered where wild turkeys hung out at night. Good to know.

Grandma G said...

And sometimes they roost in the rafters of a hay shed and you-know-what on the nice hay below. You probably didn't find that in your research. It's a little-known fact. ;)

Blue said...

That eastern bluebird is beautiful! Can't wait for new pictures of the blue grosbeak. Maybe I need a birdbath in the front yard...

Geneviève Thiffault said...

Maybe.. your hay shed is made of pine or oak? :P The size of the turkey sleeping in the tree is a funny sight though.

The blue grosbeak and the eastern bluebird are magnifient! Two very different shades of blue, but both beautiful! (and they probably can't be worst singers than bluejays :P)

Jessica Jones said...

I definitely prefer your little bird.

Grandma G said...

Blue... a birdbath definitely attracts birds you might not see otherwise! I am sooo glad I got this one!

I think 'anything' would beat a bluejay's song, Geneviève! :)

Me, too, Jess! No contest there! :)