Friday, June 5, 2015


One evening during the "golden hour", it was so lovely outside (in other words, not windy) that I wandered around snapping photos. Here are some of the things that caught my eye.

A robin's egg that didn't make it to the nest:

A maple leaf that was full of gall mite nodules:

A closer look at some more of them (kinda creepy, huh?):

An old empty milkweed pod, contrasted against the new spring growth:

Wild phlox Update: A very observant reader discovered that these are not wild phlox but "Dame's Rocket" growing in the ditch (thanks, Jenny!). In my reading, I found that they're an invasive species that crowd out natural wildflowers and should be removed. Hmm... I think I'll leave them there... I enjoy them. ;)

Half a moon:

Rolling hills of new crops:

And I didn't have to walk more than 50 feet for any of them.


Jenny said...

I've recently noticed some very pretty purple flowers in a wooded area near-ish to my house and you picture made me wonder if it was phlox, so I did a quick google search for some more info, and found this article:

I think maybe both your flowers and the ones I've been enjoying are not actually phlox at all! I'd have to get closer to the ones here to know for sure, but they cartainly seem to be much showier than the phlox pictures appear!


Anonymous said...

Beautiful. Thanks.


Grandma G said...

Thanks for the info., Jenny! That's my "learn something new" for today! I've updated the post. And indeed they are prettier than wild phlox. ;)

Thank you, and you're welcome, Ellen. :)

MAL said...

I read your blog every day and never comment, but I just wanted to finally say thank you! Your photos are such a balm in the maelstrom out there. I love your appreciation for the world around you, and your eye for the little as well as big details.

Grandma G said...

You're very welcome, MAL! It means a lot to me that you commented... and especially to know that you enjoy my blog. My photos are kind of a balm to me, too... if I'm feeling "out of sorts", it helps so much to grab the camera, forget the rest of the world for a while, and find beautiful things to take pics of... and there are plenty of those! :)

Geneviève Thiffault said...

That last picture of the fields is so peaceful, we can almost feel the atmosphere just by looking at it. What a fantastic thing it must be to have such a view everyday!

Grandma G said...

Thank you, Geneviève. Anyone who comes here for the first time comments on our view from the top of the hill. I guess we've lived here so long that we take it too much for granted. :)