Sunday, January 31, 2010

Little Miss Independence!

"I wanna go outside, Grandma."

"No, it's too cold."

"But I WANT TO go out."

"No, it's too cold. You'll freeze your nose!"

"I'm going out."

"No, you're not."

"I AM!"

The good news is that she dresses herself! She only needed a little help with her coat and mittens.

She went out. Yep, Grandma gave in... thinking that maybe Mommy or Daddy would come to get her in the next few minutes and save having to take everything off and put it all back on again. But the timing didn't work out that way.

Anyway, she went out. All by herself. (Yeah, Grandma dresses herself, too, and knew how much clothes she'd have to put on and then take off just a few minutes later!) And she was fine with that. She got right to work.

(My apologies for the video quality. The window was all foggy.)

10-15 minutes later, she was back in again, rosy cheeks and all. She took all her stuff off by herself. She even insisted on changing her socks, even though they weren't wet... because that's what she did the last time she played outside here and they were wet. :-)

She's growing up! (TOO FAST!) And she will no doubt be able to take care of herself quite capably. Tomorrow she will be THREE! And today is her party - WOOHOO!

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Becky said...

Wow! It must be in the genes - she is such a hard workin young'un! Happy Birthday Courtney!!