Friday, December 31, 2010


Hmmm... methinks I've been a little bit lazy about posting this week. I guess I've just been doing a bit of relaxing after all the "Christmasness".

Anyway, back to Christmas Eve. Doesn't Courtney look so grown up sitting there in her very own chair?

In that package was the diaper bag plus individually wrapped contents that she's checking out below.

Josie seemed to like the tissue paper bed nearby.

Refolding a baby wipe:

Checking out the Butt Paste to see if it was real:

But Grandma assured her that it was only 'pretend'.

Here she is all set for an outing with her baby! (And pulling on her lip... special pose for the cameras going off, I guess.)

Below you can see how carefully she changes the baby's diaper.

And at that point Grandma had to stop the camera to give a little further instruction on getting that tricky diaper on right. ;-)

(You parents out there always put the baby wipe back in the pouch when you were done wiping with it, right?)

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