Monday, December 27, 2010

Now I can show you!

This is my latest sewing project:

Yep, I'm still a bag lady! Can you guess what kind of bag it is?

It's a diaper bag! For Courtney. To use for all her daycare babies.

The pocket on the flap will work for a bottle or her cell phone (yes, she does have her own cell phone... a play one) or whatever. And of course you have to put things IN a diaper bag:

We have a pouch of baby wipes:

And a changing pad:

See? Just the right size:

And what would a diaper bag be without diapers?! Here's one:

Complete with velcro tabs to hold it shut:

Modeled by our sweet little baby:

The bag also contained a tube of 'pretend' Butt Paste for when baby gets diaper rash. For those of you out of the baby business these days, there really is something called Butt Paste. See here. It's good stuff... just ask Courtney!

I came across the tutorial for the diaper bag here awhile back, and I just knew it was the perfect thing for Courtney. She loves it, and she had to go to work on a baby right away Christmas Eve. More on that later......


LiEr said...

Gorgeous! And hey- I recognize the fabrics - what good taste, Grandma G (and that's coming from a person who doesn't get very excited about print fabrics)!!

I laughed when I realized that the first thing I noticed after the very gorgeous bag, was
(i) Hey, she has the same carpet as I do! Except hers is cleaner!
(ii) Hey, red photographs well in her shots!

I'm so glad to finally get to see the diaper bag! It's very stylish, period. And not just for a little girl.

P.S. Fight Jess for the O.K. bag? I'm surprised she doesn't already own it! She HAS to!

grace said...

That is so cute. I never had grandmas when I was little
but I would have loved to have a grandma
to sew such wonderful toys like Courtney has. I can guess you have a lot of fun doing it too.

Grandma G said...

Thanks to you both! And Grace... yes, it's a lot of fun. Now that you're nearly retired, maybe you can start sewing her fun things, too!

The Luedtke Family said...

What a lovely gift! So many details and sheer joy will come from so much play!

Anna said...

oh the bag is just super cute and the little wipes case and changing pad just put it over the top, what a cool gift!

Grandma G said...

Thanks, Becky and Anna!